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My Backyard Bird Book

Available now in hardback and softback versions

Is your child ready for an exciting adventure? They don’t need anything special for this outing, just their eyes and their ears. They don’t even need to go very far! That’s right, all they have to do is look and listen, and they’ll discover the most amazing and beautiful creatures all around them! Birds! They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and they’re in the trees, bushes, and sky right in their own backyard! So get ready for fun, and let’s go see what we can find!

Selling over 10,000 copies in its first few weeks becoming an instant Best Seller, My Backyard Bird Book combines 40 pages of stunning photography, fascinating facts, and easy to understand language and is designed to encourage children to get outdoors and discover nature as they explore the amazing world of birds. This book is written for children ages 3-10. 


"AGE APPROPRIATE AND FUN - This book is great. My grandson is four and loves birdwatching. He understands the maps that show where the specific bird’s habitat is. The best part is probably the use of common items...jelly beans, coins, batteries... to relate each bird’s weight."

"GREAT RESOURCE FOR KIDS - As a retired educator, I was pleased with the format of this book. I liked the information provided and the ability for further information and acknowledge using the book."

"Bought this book for my great grandson who is very interested in watching birds. Wonderful pictures which he wil love . Great book for young birdwatcher."

"USEFUL BOOK - This book has all the birds in it that come to my backyard. Beautiful pictures! Makes them easy for children to identify."

I purchased the Backyard Bird Book. You guys. This book is AWESOME!! My five year old can't quite read fluently, but can still follow along and understand the map, weight, and food. He will be able to use this book for a long time! I am so happy with this purchase.

Caili L.
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Cheryl Johnson

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