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Books written to inspire children to discover the beauty of nature

Written for children ages 3-10, these books are the perfect way to introduce your kids to the wonders of nature. Click on the link for each book for more information and to order your copy.

Softback, Kindle, and hardback (on selected titles) versions are also available on Amazon.

Today I Learned About Birds

COMING OCTOBER 2023 - Featuring over 90 full color photos, it's the perfect book to introduce children to the basics of birds. Perfect for kids 3-7

Backyard Critters & Creatures

There's an entire new and exciting world to discover right in your own backyard. Perfect for children ages 3-10

My Texas Bird Book

Discover some of the amazing species that make the Lone Star State such a great place to be! Written for children ages 3-10.

Creatures of the Rainforest

This book will introduce children to one of earth's most fascinating ecosystems: The rainforest. Perfect for children 3-10.

My Nature Journal

These fun journals are perfect way to encourage your children to get out and discover nature.

My Backyard Bird Book

An exploration of some of the amazing birds that can be found right in your own backyard for children 3-10

My Bird Scavenger Hunt

Look at the photos, read the clues, and see if you can figure out what habit you'll find different birds live and what they eat. Perfect for children ages 3-10

My Book of Plumology

There's more to feathers than just something to tickle your fancy. Learn about how feathers play an important role in the life of birds. For children ages 3-10.

My Book of Amazing Birds

This exciting and fun book introduces children to some of the more amazing species they'll discover in nature. Perfect for children ages 3-10.

Explorer Packs

All the tools your child needs to discover the amazing world of nature right outside their door.

Activity Sheets

Continue the fun with these free activity sheets. Each set is designed to reinforce the concepts taught in each book.

Share the Beauty of Nature with Your Child!

Nature is Amazing

These beautiful books by writer and photographer Cheryl Johnson, are designed to not only engage your child but to encourage their imagination, exploration, and discovery of the world around us.