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Backyard Critters and Creatures

What will you discover in your backyard?

Nature is amazing! The world around us is filled with different creatures and critters in every size, shape, and color you can imagine. There are tiny insects almost too small to see crawling around in plants, birds and animals in the trees and shrubs, all kinds of things that fill the air around us as they fly and buzz about. You don’t have to go far to discover this amazing world. All you have to do is step right outside your door! This new release encourages kids to put on their adventure cap, grab their sense of curiosity, and discover the amazing world of nature right in their own backyard.

Combining stunning photographs, explorer tips, and fun facts this exciting book will get kids to turn off the TV and discover adventure right outside their door. 

Backyard Critters & Creatures takes nature exploration for your child to the next level as they discover the incredible world of animals, insects, reptiles, amphibians, and birds living in your backyard and then document their own discoveries with their copy of My Nature Journal included with your purchase of Backyard Critters & Creatures. This two-book combination combines 40 pages of stunning photography, fascinating facts, and easy to understand language along with a separate book with 28 blank pages for children to document their own discoveries. Available in softback and is designed for children ages 3-10.

Click on the link below to order your softback edition for $17.99 of Backyard Critters and Creatures and My Nature Journal. Please let me know if you would like your book signed for you or as a gift.

What will you discover?

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Includes a copy of My Nature Journal

These books are exceptional and absolutely exceeded my expectations. I can't wait for my granddaughter to see them!

Louise P.
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Cheryl Johnson

Share the Beauty of Nature with Your Child!

Nature is Amazing

These beautiful books by writer and photographer Cheryl Johnson, are designed to not only engage your child but to encourage their imagination, exploration, and discovery of the world around us.