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Cheryl Johnson started on her birding journey in 2016 and has had a wonderful time learning about nature, discovering the incredible beauty all around us, meeting lots of other fellow enthusiasts, and developing her skill and knowledge as a photographer and naturalist, and she’s thrilled to be sharing her passion with you.

She stumbled upon this crazy obsession quite by chance when she joined a bird walk through a local park as part of a magazine story she was writing. She has always loved photography, so she grabbed her camera and prepared to take some “award-winning” photos of our fine feathered friends, because, really, how difficult could photographing birds really be? She soon discovered the answer—incredibly difficult! Not to be bested by some little tiny feathered things, she decided to figure out how it was done, and an obsession was born! Cheryl started by purchasing some feeders and photographing the visitors to her backyard and soon found herself wandering all over town, up and down the coast, and all over the state snapping pictures of everything that flew past her lens, and along the journey, she found herself continually amazed at the beauty that is all around us!

Cheryl’s photography has been featured in several publications, marketing campaigns, and websites; her art has been displayed in several businesses, The Five Points Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Victoria Art League, all in Victoria, Texas; she’s been a guest speaker sharing her passion with many groups and organizations.

When not traveling all over the state, country, and world photographing birds and other wildlife, she lives in Victoria, Texas, with her husband, two daughters, and her dog.

If you would like to enjoy more of her photography, please “LIKE” her Facebook page, “Backyard Bird Nerd” and “CherylJohnsonPhotography”, for daily photo posts!

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Cheryl Johnson

Thank you, for taking the time to let me share my passion and love of nature with you!


Cheryl Johnson

P.O. Box 3926
Victoria, Texas 77903

5003 John Stockbauer, Suite J
Victoria, Texas 77904


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